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Juror Andrew Stein Raftery discusses artwork featured in the exhibition.The mission of Art Saint Louis was brought to life in a recent episode of HEC-TV's Emmy Award-winning program State of the Arts. Our annual all styles, all media, all themes exhibit, Art Saint Louis XXVII, The Exhibition, provides the backdrop for conversation on our work. Featured are interviews with artists Jennifer HayesBrian D. SmithLouis NahlikMegan Rieke, William D'Sousa and Mary Beth Shaw, and with Juror Andrew Stein Raftery and Executive Director Chandler Branch.

To enjoy the full State of the Arts episode (56 minutes) of which the video above is a part, click here.

Footage courtesy of HEC-TV. Used with permission.

Interview with Kate Snyder

 by Micah Liesenfeld


Kate Snyder. Arsenic and Old Lace inspired belt buckle.


Imagine yourself as a child 100 years from now discovering in your grandfather's attic an old dusty chest. Rummaging through it, a small item catches your eye: a metal bracelet. You hold it in your hand and notice that each link in the chain resembles the book cover of a different fairy tale. On the inside of each cover is illustrated, in small careful detail, a scene from each story. Who created this and why? To whom was this bracelet given and who wore it?  You wonder all of these things as you try it on.

Fortunately, we don't have to wonder here and now since the artist, Kate Snyder, happens to be showing this very piece in the current exhibit at Art Saint Louis, "Art Saint Louis XXVII, the Exhibition." I recently had the opportunity to catch up with her, and she indulged me an interview:


Kate Snyder. Childhood Bracelet. 2011. Enamel, Sterling Silver



Art Saint Louis on the Radio

Check out an interview with Art Saint Louis' Executive Director, Chandler Branch, in Nancy Kranzberg's Arts Interview on KDHX 88.1 FM Public Radio. Click here to listen on demand. Lend your ear(s) to the program and hear what both Chandler and Nancy have to say about Art Saint Louis, art in St. Louis, and much more!

Nancy Kranzberg is a very important part of the art community in St. Louis and is also a very special friend to Art Saint Louis. Her weekly Arts Interview on KDHX features conversations with artists, performers, and "movers & shakers" in the St. Louis area arts community. We are most grateful to have this opportunity to introduce Chandler to the St. Louis art community at-large and for a wider audience to learn more about Art Saint Louis programs & exhibitions. Our utmost gratitude to Nancy and KDHX 88.1 FM for this fabulous opportunity.

Metro Arts Exchange

RACASL2011 Show

Art Saint Louis exhibition at Regional Arts Commission
November 18, 2011 — March 2, 2012

Art Saint Louis is the first organization to partner with Regional Arts Commission (RAC) in the Metro Arts Exchange, a new initiative designed to give regional artists opportunities to display their work at RAC.

For the inaugural exhibit, Art Saint Louis member artists David Dolak, Davide Prete, Megan Rieke, Mary Beth Shaw, Jacqueline Weatherly, Elizabeth M. Willey, and David M. Yates were invited to exhibit their works in RAC's second floor meeting spaces. The exhibit opened with a free reception in the RAC Gallery on Friday, November 18, 5:30-7:30 p.m. and runs through March 2 (NEW DATE), 2012.

Regional Arts Commission is located at 6128 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63112. Phone 314/863-5811 to make an appointment to view the exhibit.

Pictured here are works by featured artists (l to r) David M. Yates, David Dolak, Jackie Weatherly, Davide Prete, Elizabeth Willey, Mek Rieke, Mary Beth Shaw.



Suzy Farren Interview

Art Saint Louis member Suzy Farren discusses her experience and inspiration as an artist working with mixed media.











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