Preview: Artist' Day at Circus Flora 2011

Some of the artworks featured in Artists' Day at Circus Flora 2011,

on view in ASL's Dion Dion Gallery

October 29 - December 30, 2011


Jen Collins, University City, MO. Circus Dance. 2011. Watercolor, Monotype, Watercolor Wash, Colored Pencil on Paper, 24”x18”. $300.
Michael Anderson, Belleville, IL. Shadows—The Flying Wallendas. 2011. Watercolor on Paper, 15”x12”. Not for Sale.
Molly Edler, University City, MO. Flight. 2011. Watercolor on Paper, 29”x36.” $250.
Bob Rickert, Chesterfield, MO. Loving A Job. 2011. Digital Photograph, 27”x30”. $350.
Valerie Snyder, Creve Coeur, MO.Climbing the Big Top. 2011. Digital Photograph, 26”x38”. $150.
Annie Scheumbauer, St. Louis, MO. Circus Flora Horses. 2011. Oil Pastel on Paper, 23”x29”. $400.
Jennifer Weigel, St. Louis, MO. Flight of the Ballerina. 2011. Open-Edition Digital Print on Photo Paper, 10”x8”. $50.
Daniel Fishback, Florissant, MO. The Flying Wallendas. 2011. Oil on Canvas, 28”x22”. $975.
Bob Ahrens, Edwardsville, IL. Reach. 2011, Digital Photograph, 20”x26”. $200.
Marion Noll, Webster Groves, MO. Golden. 2011. Photograph, 16”x20”. $300.


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Preview: Art Saint Louis XXVII, The Exhibition

Some of the artworks featured in

Art Saint Louis XXVII, The Exhibition

on view October 29 — December 30, 2011


Mike Turney, Arnold, MO. When We Were Kings. 2010. Mixed Media Found Object Assemblage, 12.75”x6.25”x6”. $500.

Cary Horton, Shrewsbury, MO. Devotion. 2010. Black & White Photograph, 24”x29”. $400.

Dominic Finocchio, St. Louis, MO. Studio Fiction. 2011. Oil on Canvas, 36.5”x48.5”. $4,000.
Debbie Corson, Kirkwood, MO. Girl in Red Dress. 2011. Digital Photograph, 20”x16”. $200.
Bonnie Murray, St. Louis, MO. As the Crows Fly #2. 2011. Collagraph on Paper, 21”x27". $250.
Maria N. Boehm, Hillsboro, MO. Nicholas. 2011. Photograph, 14”x18”. $180.

Davide Prete, St. Louis, MO.Table/Sculpture. 2011. Forged Steel, Stainless Steel, Glass, 2’6”x4’. $2,500.

Pat Owoc, St. Louis, MO. Return. 2009. Mixed Media Textile, 50.5”x52”. $3,500.
Robin Street-Morris, St. Louis, MO. Blue Hour I. 2011. Watercolor, Pastel on 300lb Hot Press Paper, 15”x23”. $775.
Brian D. Smith, St. Louis, MO. SACO. 2011. Oil on Canvas, 58”x52”. $5,200.
Cathie Crawford, Peoria, IL. Resonant Reflection II. 2010. Color Reduction Woodcut Print on Paper, 20”x25”. $360.
M.J. Goerke, St. Louis, MO. Slam. 2010. Altered Book, Mixed Media, 8”x11”x4.” $300.

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