Catalyst Coffee Bar: A New Cultural Outlet for St. Louis

Art Saint Louis is overhauling the former Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters café, upgrading, re-branding and folding it into our nonprofit work in an effort to broaden the audience for local art, generate renewable income and ensure our sustainability as a nonprofit organization. Introducing Catalyst Coffee Bar! We’re taking our 2013 art/coffee hybrid concept to a new level, and we need your help! We invite you to check out Kickstarter, get involved and help yourself to some fantastic rewards!

Art Saint Louis is a special place where our region’s best visual art is showcased year-round, in an atmosphere which is as inviting and comfortable as it is professionally curated and maintained. We believe that specialty coffee of the highest quality is the perfect complement to this mission – in fact, it is a catalyst to make it possible. Hence the name Catalyst Coffee Bar.

This project is the culmination of prodigious hours of planning and labor to make the creative work of our region’s artists part of everyday life for more people in our community. At the same time this project represents our nonprofit organization’s passionate commitment to wise stewardship through responsible, mission-driven entrepreneurship. In short, the vision for Catalyst Coffee Bar is equal parts impact and sustainability. We hope you’ll share this vision with us.







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