Voices 2012 Artist Residency

For over a dozen years, Art Saint Louis has presented our unique "Voices" Artist Residency & exhibition program at St. Louis area elementary, middle and high schools, providing young artists the opportunity to work with professional artists and allowing the students to study the artists' media, techniques and styles, as well as learn about the life & career of an artist. Through educational programming combined with art-making and exhibition, art becomes a dynamic vehicle for dialogue between artists and students and enhances arts curriculum in each school.

ASL's "Voices" program has been presented at: Bellerive Elementary, Parkway School District; Clayton High School; Dewey International Studies Elementary School, St. Louis Public Schools; Forsyth School; Fox High School; Ladue Horton Watkins High School; Mann eMints Acadamy, St. Louis Public Schools; Nerinx Hall; New City School; Rossman School; and The College School.

Our gratitude to JP Cartmill, ASL Board President, for all of her hard work, time & efforts in organizing and making our 2012 Voices program happen at The Wilson School. We also wish to thank artists Megan Rieke and Russell Vanecek for their work with the students and to art instructor Diane SIgnor for working with Art Saint Louis for over a year on getting this project scheduled.

Due to a fire at The Wilson School earlier this year, our program is taking place at Maryland Elementary School in Clayton. The exhibit portion of our program will be held this Fall at The Wilson School when renovations on the school have been completed (dates TBD). We'll keep you updated.