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Varsity Art XVI Opening

Some photos here from the not-so-recent opening for Varsity Art XVI, March 9, 2012. Here's hoping late is truly better than never. I did really enjoy the event, particularly the conversations I had with the artists involved. It's invigorating and rewarding to have so many emerging artists and area schools together at once--38 undergrad/grad students, 74 artworks, 20 universities and colleges. It's a great St. Louis tradition that I hope will continue for many years to come.


If you don’t like food, wine, art or fun, disregard this message.

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What started as a nifty idea (not mine, by the way) has blossomed into something quite special. In a little over a month’s time, St. Louis will be treated to the glory of things local when Art Saint Louis presents Food, Glorious Food, April 14 through May 23. Yes, this involves food, lots of food, along with wine and music. But at the center of it all is a new food-inspired art exhibit juried by Sauce Magazine’s Allyson Mace and Something Elegant Catering’s Linda Pilcher, featuring the work of 51 local artists. Ceramics, painting, photography, mixed media, paper, printmaking, sculpture and more; there’s something to please every palate. And it's all available for purchase, so you can get it "to go."

Presented concurrently with Food, Glorious Food will be Honor Awards 2012, an invitational exhibit featuring work by 10 artists who won Awards of Excellence from Art Saint Louis in 2011—essentially a curtain call for some of our region’s most talented creators. And we’re indeed honored to have this show juried by Dan Addington, artist and owner of Addington Gallery in Chicago.


Painter Michael Anderson

Happy to discover a lovely video this week showcasing the work of Art Saint Louis member artists Michael Anderson.

I don't know if it's generally considered a compliment to mistake an artist's painting for a photograph, but I'll admit I made that error this week when glancing at Sign of the Times, a work Michael created under commission from The Laclede Gas Company. You can view that work and others at 

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