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An Opportunity for Fresh Impact

Chandler Branch, Exe. Dir. Photo by Wm Daniel FileChandler Branch, Exe. Dir. Photo by Wm Daniel FileDear Friends,

If you’ve ever stood in front of a piece of art and been inspired or challenged in any way, then you know what drives the work of Art Saint Louis. It’s our joy to partner with the artists of our region as they illumine the human experience and gift our community with something of transcendent meaning. For me and for many others involved, this continues to be such a meaningful and rewarding endeavor, despite the financial challenges we’ve faced this year.

2011 has been an exciting but extremely difficult year for Art Saint Louis. While we continued serving up great contemporary art in our gallery, funding was in short supply. The pressure mounted until, earlier this year, we were nearly forced to close our operation. Thankfully, a small but generous group of individuals, most of them artists, stepped up to carry us through what turned out to be a near death experience. All of this raised some key questions: What do we believe about art and our community? And why does any of this matter?

I couldn’t be more enthused about the answers! Art Saint Louis has emerged with a fresh sense of purpose and promise, recognizing that not only does art enrich individual lives, the lives of its creators and beholders, but it also awakens the social and spiritual consciousness of our entire community.

So, what’s the role of Art Saint Louis? Simply put, we’re in the business of enriching lives. We do that by fostering the development of art in our area and helping people engage with that art at a deeper level.

The opportunity is ours to enliven our community in fresh ways, benefiting artists and the audiences their work impacts. We’re eager to achieve that and to establish a national identity for the St. Louis area as a center where great art is not only appreciated but also where it is made. But we will not succeed without help. So, I boldly invite you to join in supporting this good work by including Art Saint Louis in your charitable giving at the year’s end. Your generosity, at any level, equips us to serve our community and is deeply appreciated.

Please accept my thanks for your consideration and all best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

Chandler Branch
Executive Director

We're serious about managing your charitable investment with the utmost respect. No higher compliment can be given to Art Saint Louis than the gift of your trust. We proudly invite you to view our latest financial reports.


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