Who We Are


We value and pursue excellence in all our programs and exhibitions, from our selection of program partners, jurors and curators, to our communications and relationships with civic leaders, private donors, grant makers and corporate sponsors.


Driven by a conviction that the relevance and impact of art goes far beyond the circle of those who create it, we are passionately committed to an ongoing, art-inspired dialogue with our community, developing and engaging new audiences and fostering connections between and among artists and audiences for their mutual benefit.


In the panoply of arts organizations at work in the St. Louis area, including (especially) institutions with resonant interests in visual art, we recognize and enthusiastically pursue opportunities for synergistic collaboration to cross-fertilize and multiply the intellectual and cultural capital of our region.


Through dynamic exhibitions, outreach programs and applications delivering the art of our region to an ever-widening audience, our modus operandi is inspired by the ever-evolving work of our artists that consistently refines and defies expectations. 



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