Varsity Art XV

Varsity Art XV
 graphic design by Jeane Vogel. For a downloadable version of the invitation, click on the graphic above.

Our fifteenth annual Varsity Art exhibition was curated by art faculties from 20 Midwest regional colleges & universities in Missouri and Illinois. Professors were invited to select one or two outstanding undergraduate or graduate level art students to exhibit recent artworks and represent their institution in this multi-media group show. This year's show featured works by 38 artists. Presented as a collaborative project, students work together on all aspects of the exhibition.


Gallery view: "Varsity Art XV." Photo by Robin Hirsch.


This year's Varsity Art XV exhibit was held during the 2011 SGC International Conference at Washington University St. Louis. Art Saint Louis is proud to be a participating Gallery for the Conference. As part of our participation, we've placed an emphasis on printmaking with 1/3 of the exhibiting artists in Varsity Art showing works in various printmaking methods, including silkscreen, woodblock, relief printing, intaglio, monoprints, and more. Additional media featured in the exhibit included drawing, metals, painting, mixed media, video, photography, graphic design, digital media, and more.


Participating institutions & students for Varsity Art XV 2011:

East Central College

Matt Lawson-Boothby

Amber Muir

Fontbonne University

Andy Brandmeyer

Greenville College

Emily Keefauver

Hayley Sutton

Jefferson College

Ashley A. Antoine

Ashley A. Lucas

Lindenwood University

Gara Lacy

Maryville University St. Louis

Lilli Kayes

Megan Sparks

McKendree University

Renee Middendorf

Allison Schenck

St. Charles Community College

Steve Hackmann

Jon Slade

St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley

Seth Rodgers

Joseph Stemmler

St. Louis Community College Forest Park

Sarah-Marie Land

Sandy Miller

St. Louis Community College Meramec

Lamandris T. Handy

Caitlin Stacy

St. Louis Community College Wildwood

Joan Mette

Dimitri Rainey

Saint Louis University

Joanna Hoge

Charlie Turner

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Hee-Hun Cho

Erich Neitzke

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Lauren Leohner

Nick Martin

Southwestern Illinois College

Charles T. Jones

David Mullis

University of Missouri-Columbia

Catherine Armbrust

Eric Sweet

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Geoffrey Allen

Bryan Spaeth

Washington University in St. Louis

Elizabeth Belen

Daniel Greenberg

Webster University

Justin Bailey

Meredith Cristal


Congratulations to Hee-Hun Cho and Jon Spade whose works were purchased through this exhibit.


Gallery view: "Varsity Art XV." Photo by Robin Hirsch.


On Saturdays during this exhibit, Art Saint Louis hosted Meet the Artist days, wherein some of the artists featured in "Varsity Art XV" will be on-hand in the Gallery to greet visitors, discussed their works in the show and provide samples of some of their other artworks. 
Saturday, March 12
10 a.m.-1 p.m.  Gara Lacy

Saturday, March 19
10 a.m.-1 p.m.  Charles Jones

Saturday, March 26
10 a.m.-1 p.m.  Ashley Lucas


Some of the artworks featured Varsity Art XV


Elizabeth Belen, Washington University.Mix and Match Series #1. 2010. Monoprint, Silkscreen, Colored Pencil, Mylar, Paint Markers, 31.5”x47”. $400.
Hee-Hun Cho, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Lean Over. 2010. Maple Wood, Mild Steel, 72”x36”x80”. $1,000.
Sarah-Marie Land, St. Louis Community College Forest Park. Marie-Louise. 2010. Fine Art Photography, Archival Digital Print, 20”x16”. $550.
Andy Brandmeyer, Fontbonne University.Justin with Cat. 2010. Oil on Canvas, 36”x54”. $1,500.
Megan Sparks. Maryville University St. Louis. Flightless. 2010. Stitched Photographs, 40”x50”. $700.
Meredith Cristal, Webster University. 9x12 Canvas Drop Cloth. 2010. Mixed Media: Canvas Drop Cloth, Fabric Stiffener, Plaster, Spray Paint, Metal, Glass, Plastic, 6’x4’x3’. $1,000.
Erich Neitzke. Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Spirit in Black. 2009. Reductive Woodcut on Paper, 30”x26 ½”, $600.
Ashley A. AntoineJefferson CollegeBus. 2010. Photograph, 25.5”x19.5”. $75.
Lamandris T. Handy, St. Louis Community College Meramec. Point Blank. 2011. Screen Print on Paper, 20”x20”. $200.
Hayley Sutton, Greenville College. Untitled. 2010. Acrylic, Primer, 60”x60”. Not for Sale.
Lilli Kayes, Mayville University St. Louis,Lily Pads. 2010. Watercolor on Paper, 28"x36". $450.
Charles T. Jones, Southwestern Illinois College. Ken. 2010. Soft Pastel on Canvas, 52”x76”x6”. $1,200.